How do I use the Alexa skill?

2 min. readlast update: 01.23.2024

Once the skill is installed, you’ve logged in to your My Calibre™ account and you have added books to your list, you can begin listening to these books using Alexa. 

Start by saying the phrase “Alexa, open My Calibre Player” to open the skill. Please make sure your pronunciation is clear. If Alexa tries to open something else, say “Alexa, stop” then try again.

We recommend you emphasise the words “my – kal – e – berr player” to avoid Alexa opening your calendar information accidentally. 

You’ll hear a jingle signifying that the skill has launched. Alexa will ask if you want to continue listening to your current book. If you say “Yes” it’ll play that book from the beginning or last known bookmark. 

If you say “No” Alexa will list the other titles in your current playlist. You can choose another title by stating the book name and it’ll begin playing that title from the beginning or last known bookmark. 

Once your audiobook begins playing, you’ll be able to use commands such as “Alexa, pause or skip forward/go back” to navigate through the tracks. 

You can also set a sleep timer by saying "Alexa, sleep timer for X minutes" during playback. A bookmark will be placed once Alexa closes.

When you’ve finished listening, say "Alexa, stop" or "Alexa, cancel" and this will close the skill and place a bookmark where you stop.

If you wish to continue after stopping, say "Alexa, keep reading/listening".

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