How do I select a book on Alexa?

1 min. readlast update: 01.23.2024

My Calibre Player doesn’t allow you to search for books, or to browse our collection. You’ll need to add books to your playlist via My Calibre™ before you can listen to them on Alexa.

For more information on adding a title and browsing our catalogue, please see the following articles:

How do I add a title to my playlist?

How do I browse the book collection?

Once you've chosen your titles and added them to your playlist on My Calibre™, you can open My Calibre Player on your Alexa device and it will either list the books you currently have on your playlist, or ask if you wish to continue with the title you've recently listened too.

If you say “Yes” it’ll play that book from the beginning or last known bookmark. 

If you say “No” Alexa will list the other titles in your current playlist. You can choose another title by stating the book name and it’ll begin playing that title from the beginning or last known bookmark. 

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